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Our Ministry Team Structure

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Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the church. It defines policies, implements programs, and conducts all other necessary business of the church. The Leadership Team meets regularly each month or more frequently as it determines. All meetings are open to allow any interested persons to attend.

The Leadership Team consists of these officers elected by the congregation,

  • Moderator
  • Vice-Moderator
  • Treasurer
  • Financial Secretary
  • Recording Secretary

three at-large members elected by the congregation,

and liaisons* of the following groups:

  • Ad-Ministry
  • Worship
  • Christian Growth
  • Small Groups
  • Outreach and Nurture

The pastor serves as an ex-officio member of the Leadership Team.


Ad-Ministry Group (Administration)

The Ad-Ministry Team cares for the physical and the fiscal aspects of the congregation, and consists of the following subteams:


The Building and Grounds Team:

  • supervises the care and upkeep of the building
  • arranges for the beautification and upkeep of the grounds
  • keeps the Leadership Team informed about special building-related needs or concerns
  • is responsible for the opening and closing of church building for worship services
  • consults with custodial staff regarding building needs
  • supervises the lawn mowing and snow removal.


The Kitchen Team:

  • organizes the church kitchen
  • purchases kitchen supplies
  • establishes kitchen use policy
  • coordinates with the Building and Grounds Team and Social Team.


The Stewardship and Mission Interpretation Team:

  • oversees the financial needs of the congregation, including planning and implementing annual opportunities for renewed stewardship
  • coordinates any additional fundraising efforts on the part of other teams
  • keeps the Leadership Team informed of any concerns for the fiscal life of the congregation
  • performs, as a minimum, an annual audit of the financial records of the church
  • keeps the congregation informed about special funds and opportunities (e.g., endowment fund or building fund)
  • keeps the congregation aware of OCWM
  • selects and implements special offerings
  • appoints a memorial task group and endowment task group as needed
  • contacts new members about serving opportunities.


Endowment Fund Team:

  • encourage, receive and administer gifts to the Endowment Fund


Memorials Team:

  • works with family members to decide where to spend memorial money


The Technology Team:

  • provides support for the operation of church software,hardware, networking and web site
  • consults with the Church staff regarding new equipment purchases
  • gathers input from the entire congregation regarding church technologies needs
  • advises the leadership team regarding hardware and software expenses



Christian Growth Ministry Group

The Christian Growth Ministry Group administers life-long Christian education, and consists of the following teams:


Sunday School Planning Team:

  • studies and makes decisions about curriculum
  • evaluates the program each year
  • recruits, trains and equips teachers and youth leaders
  • assists program coordinator in planning and implementing Vacation Bible School
  • is responsible for decisions about class size, location, and ambiance
  • ensures availability of needed supplies
  • supports any staff or volunteers assigned to Children’s Ministry.


3rd-6th Grade Youth Group

  • The 3-6th grade youth group but has been involved in various mission opportunities including the Des Moines Area Hunger Hike every October, supporting Urbandale Community Action Network (UCAN) with Backpack Buddies, making cards/crafts for our shut-ins, ice skating at Brenton Skating plaza and lots of other fun events.


7th – 12th Grade Youth Group

  • The 7-12th grade youth group meets monthly and kicks off the year supporting the Des Moines Area Hunger Hike. This group also enjoys a Regressive Dinner to plan events for the year hosted by our beloved church members. We also enjoy boating with Bob Shoemaker in the summer, raising funds for various mission opportunities and General Synod.


Adult Ministry Team

  • plans, implements, and evaluates a varied Sunday and weekday program for adults, taking into consideration the variety of needs and levels of faith development.



Outreach and Nurture Ministry Group

The Outreach and Nurture Ministry Group reaches out to prospective new members and visitors, and nurtures current members. It consists of the following teams:


Membership Team

  • provides opportunities for visitors to learn more about the church
  • offers new members classes a minimum of four times per year
  • assists the appropriate staff member in keeping membership records and in publishing the annual church directory
  • records and tracks visitors.
  • associated Small Group: Newcomers’ Gathering


Social Media Team

  • Manage use of social media tools as needed to reach out to visitors and current members at UUCC
  • Maintain an updated church Social Media Policy
  • Monitor social media outlets for UUCC to ensure adherence to the policy


Social Justice Coordinator

  • Maintains an email list of UUCC members interested in Social Justice
  • Passes along information on events, projects, ideas to the Social Justice email group.
  • Sends updates for the community action portion of the UUCC website to the website contacts.
  • Helps coordinate information to allow UUCC members to do social action and deepen their understanding of social justice
  • See Associated Small Groups/Projects


Social Team

Provides intergenerational opportunities for fellowship, such as: meals after Congregational meetings in January & May; all-church picnic in September; pledge drive luncheon; and Christmas Eve reception.


Caregivers Associated Small Groups

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Small Group Ministry Group

The Small Group Ministry Team facilitates the creation, support, and evaluation of small groups within the church.

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Worship & Music Ministry Group

The Worship & Music Ministry Group is responsible for the worship life of the church. The members of the Group study themes and plans for worship, and work to implement the different parts of the worship.


Worship Planning

Works with the pastor(s) to plan, prepare for, and deliver effective Sunday worship services; provides support and planning for special services; coordinates and implements visual designs for worship.


Worship Support

Other individuals assist with worship without serving on a team. They recruit liturgists, ushers/greeters, and acolytes; help prepare and clean up communion; make/change banners; and assure candles and acolyte wicks work properly.



Music is a vital part of our ministry, and diverse opportunities to participate are available for both children and adults.

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Pastor-Congregational Covenant Team

This Team serves to foster healthy relationships between a pastor and members of the congregation. Members serve terms of indefinite length.

A follow-up to the Lombard training, this Team is designed to help us all function in a more healthy way. Team members are available to listen to your concerns and coach us all into addressing them.

Personnel Team

The Personnel Team develops and maintains organized, written employment policies and job descriptions for church employees other than the pastor, and assists the pastor and Leadership Team with personnel matters on an as-needed basis. The Personnel Team also handles other personnel-related issues, such as studies of salaries and benefits.


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