Social Media Team

The UUCC Social Media Team works to convey the message of our church and its resources through our Facebook page and website. These resources are often the “front door” to our church and serve to invite new members to join us and to inform current members about activities and concerns.

These media resources help us reach people beyond our congregation. We welcome members of the congregation to submit photos or content regarding church events to our team email box:

Sandy Gahn chairs the team and serves as liaison with the church council. Team Members include: Erin Haemer, John Chaplin, Mary Edwards, and Bridget Edwards.

The website development team is chaired by Jon Duvick. Members include Lee Hood, Adam Dirks, Sandy Gahn, Maryellen Knowles and Tom Rendon.  A special thanks to Jane Robinette who conceived, developed and maintained our original website for more than a decade, providing us a great resource.

If you have any questions or comments about the website, contact anyone on the Web Team, or email Jon Duvick (

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