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Bylaws (PDF, 95KB)
Ministry Teams
Current Team Rosters
How Teams are Selected
Strategic Plan
(PDF, 502KB)


Social Media Policy (PDF, 158KB)
Building Use Policy
Wedding Policy
Non-Member Wedding Booklet (PDF, 104KB)
Safety Policy (PDF, 41KB)
Endowment Fund Policy (PDF, 22KB)
Inclement Weather Policy
Call/Bulletin Policy


Charity Nomination Form (PDF, 269KB)
Sunday School Registration (PDF, 227KB)
Memorial Garden Brochure (PDF, 882KB)
Memorial Garden Interment (PDF, 42KB)
Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Authorization (PDF, 23KB)
Requisition Request (PDF, 50KB)
T-Shirt Orders (PDF, 11KB)

Other Documents

Leader Reflections on Strategic Plan (PDF, 116KB)
UUCC 2015 Strategic Plan (PDF, 502KB)
Pastoral Letter on the 2010 Election Results (PDF, 32KB)
2016 Annual Report (PDF, 2.69MB)
Listen, Discern, Act: A Discernment Workbook (PDF, 276KB)
New Orleans Journal (Marci Freer) (PDF, 64KB)
Youth-led Worship Service script (PDF, 18KB)

Healthy Church Relationships (Lombard Retreat Essays)

You can also watch this brief video for a synopsis of Bowen’s family systems theory applied to organizational leadership: Friedman’s Theory of Differentiated Leadership Made Simple (6:45 min.)

Overview of Lombard Retreat Weekend, by Randy Jedele (PDF, 103KB)
How Congregations Are Like Families, by Laura Fefchak (PDF, 96KB)
Systems for Managing Conflict Constructively, by Karl Andersen (PDF, 65KB)
Healthy Church Checklist, by Maryellen Knowles (PDF, 109KB)


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To learn more, visit the Library, in the lower level under Fellowship Hall: books, journals, videos, and more available for loan to children, youth, and adults

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